A New Name

A New Name


Hi!  My name is Helena.  

I am one of Largest Heart’s behind-the-scenes members. I help Peter with the research and assemblage of the Largest Heart blogs you read here.   

I love my job!  

Writing has always been my passion, and I believe that God uses my talent for the glory of His Kingdom. After all, that is why He has given me the gift.

It is not all about writing, though. As I research each topic and sit down to write it, I embed prayers, compassion, sympathy, kindness, and love into the text.

I hope that it will reach you and somehow touch you in some way. You never know!   My God works in mysterious ways.  

Each of us has a story.

Isn’t it wonderful? Each of us has a story to tell.   

One of my dreams is to one day write a book about the stories of ordinary people. Sometimes, when I treat myself to a cappuccino in a Mall coffee shop, I sit and watch my potential subjects.    

The old man sitting alone and reading his newspaper. Where did currents of life take him? What is his great story? Because there is one in all of us. Someone just must ask the right questions.   

What is your 2019 story?  

I like to think of life as a footpath.   

You walk on it, and you must make decisions every day. Left here? Or right? Do I walk on, or do I stop for a while?

Some decisions take you away from the plan God has for you. Some of us get lost – sometimes for years.   

But God always plants some pointers, directing you back, always back, to the story that he thought out for you before the beginning of time. Perhaps you’ve experienced a pointer this year?

Revelation 2:17

I want to encourage you as this year is ending. One pointer on my path this year was this verse in Revelation 2.

It says: ‘To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it.’ (Revelation 2:17)

A winner in ancient times

In ancient Roman times, the victors of athletic games received a white stone as an award with their names inscribed upon it. The white stone enabled them to go to a special banquet.

Jesus promises this to all of us at the end of our story, too. We would be able to enter the eternal celebration in heaven.  

Take this into 2020

Your new name

But this is not what spoke to my heart in this verse. Reread it: '… a new name … known only to the one who receives it …'

God will give you a new name on your white stone.  Nobody – but you – knows that name. When you receive it – you will recognize it.   

You would stand in awe and say: ‘YES.  This is who I am.  This is what I’ve lived for, struggled for. This is what the maze of my STORY was all about. God knew, all along.’

Your story on this earth is not yet finished. May all of us live for that moment when we recognize the wonder of what God planned for us – and the paradox that it is fulfilled!   

Perhaps 2019 was not your year. Maybe it was a dead end on your footpath. Perhaps you don't see the way forward.

Remember that little white stone.   

It is waiting for you at the end of the road. Your story, here and now, is the making of that new name. You'll recognize it immediately when you receive your stone.

I wish you in the words of Largest Heart's mission, love, and hope abundantly during this festive season.




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