Bucky Fuller Series 3

Bucky Fuller Series 3

Largest Heart
Bucky Fuller Series 3

What can we learn from Bucky Fuller?


The final episode

This is the third blog in our Bucky Fuller series. Today, we want to shine a light on what Bucky Fuller can teach us. How can you live your life to the best of your abilities? What can we learn from Bucky Fuller?

The Bucky Fuller Legacy

The world needed him.

Bucky Fuller was an inventor, a philosopher, an author, a futurist, an engineer, a teacher, and a poet. He was one of the most original thinkers of the 20th century. Consider the name of his 1969 book: "Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth." It sure was forward thinking!

The world needs you

It’s cheesy

There is this cheesy saying: ‘You might think you just someone in the world, but to someone, you might just be the world.’

Notwithstanding that this is true in its own right; it can also be taken a step further: it might just be that the world needs someone like you. The world needed Bucky Fuller.

What can we take from this? How can we become better persons by reflecting on Bucky Fuller’s story? Here are a few ideas.

1. Suicide is not an option.

Life can change

Where there is life, there is hope. For you, your problem might look paralyzing. Keep in mind, though, that regardless of your situation, everything can change. The pain you feel won’t last forever. Things can improve.

Bucky Fuller’s situation looked bleak. A voice spoke to him. Let this blog be your voice today.

There are such a lot of resources available to help you! All you can do is try your best every day. Remember, with patience, persistence, and commitment, you can address your problems.

2. A college education is not everything.

Fuller achieved so much without a college education.

If you think about it, your parents and loved ones will rather just have a happy you, than a stressed out unhappy person with a college education.

Don’t listen to your negative thoughts. It is often exaggerated and not based in reality. Try to face your current situation and decide if solutions can be found.

If not, speak to your campus counselor and your parents about options that are available to you. It might just be that you will achieve much in life without a college education.

3. The value of following your dreams

What Bucky did

Bucky Fuller held 28 patents, authored 28 books and received numerous honorary degrees. He solved global problems in housing, shelter, transportation, energy, and poverty. He influenced countless architects, designers, scientists, and artists.

What are your dreams? What can you do to provide more synergy in other people’s lives? Make it your motto to follow your dreams.

4. Your life is not your own

Take this one thing with you.

If there is only one thing that you take with you from Bucky Fuller’s story, it should be that your life is not your own.

You may never have heard an audible voice telling you that at a crucial time in your life, but it is the message of God. He made you and divinely created you. He gave Bucky his talents, but in the same way, He also gave you yours. He is not yet finished with you.



Our message at Largest Heart is one of hope. We wanted you to learn from the story of Bucky Fuller and take from it a special message: You are unique. You have something to give to the world. Suicide is never the best option.

Please contact us or one of the non-profits we support if you are desperate for help. We want you to live the best possible life you can – just like Bucky Fuller.