Healthy ways to lift your spirit during Corona

Healthy ways to lift your spirit during Corona


A lot of us wish these days that things can get back to normal. We need our regular routines to feel happy and healthy again!

There's no dropping off the kids at school and chatting a few minutes with your best friend. There's no gym to go to, your manicurist isn't open for business, and you can't even go and grab your favorite coffee!

To top it all, you are most probably confined in your home, and it is not that fun anymore.

We thought of doing this blog to cheer you up. It is the second in our series, and it asks:  What can keep you motivated and positive?   

You don't need to moan and feel depressed.   Look around!  There are lots to do and loads of blessings to count.


So what can I do?

Here are some healthy ways to lift your spirits.

  • Picture your life in three months from now. Yes, we know three months is a long time, but life will go back to normal. It can calm you down if you decide to take a long term perspective on things. It will lift your spirit – you will get there!
  • Create a Zen environment.Spirits can't lift where there are clutter and piles of chaos everywhere.   

Put stuff away and create peaceful surroundings. You'll feel better, and if you can get the kids to help, it will give them something to do! You can even re-arrange your home.

  • Avoid negative people. Don’t be tempted to fall into self-pitying conversations.  Switch to positive topics. If you can’t think of any positive to say, you can always fall back on the weather.
  • Celebrate!Celebrate the small things that you do have and what you can  If you have your family around you, celebrate with a special meal. If you can jog around your home, celebrate with a fun run or an obstacle course for the kids. There is always a silver lining if you care to look for it.
  • Set limits.Nobody cares about you better than you. Ultimately, we all are responsible for our own well-being.   

If you’re working from home and your boss expects too much of you, considering the circumstances, tell him. Be selfish about your time, even when you’re cooped up.

  • Decide to make someone delightfully happy.It needs not to be someone in your home. With a smartphone, anything is possible. Write someone a heartfelt note or call a friend. It will not only lighten your burden but also brighten someone else's day.

On a more practical note, here are some more things you can actually do to lift your spirit:

  • Get up earlier.It sounds counter-intuitive; you are, after all, trying to get through each day quicker, aren’t you? The truth of the matter is, however, a peaceful first hour in your day will set the mood for the whole day. Pray, meditate, sit in the garden. Spend it as if you are filling up your soul for the day ahead. It’ll work.
  • Enjoy the clearer sky.Show your kids star constellations
  • Play with your pet. Oxytocin and Serotonin will rise in your blood.   Research shows it will definitely lift your mood.
  • Organize your cupboards.
  • Try cooking something new.
  • Work on your bucket list. As soon as things return to normal, it will be a great time to start ticking the items one by one.
  • Exercise will lift your mood. Even the mildest of activities will have the desired effect.  Try an exercise app or dance to the music!
  •  Draw. Paint. Tackle that puzzle. Try Sudoku. Now you have the time to do one of these things you always wished you had time for.


Remember, you haven’t changed. You can grow stronger and tougher in these troubling times.   

Remind yourself of all the things you can do. List them if you can. It might be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but you can be happy while the storm is raging.   

It all depends on you.

Next time, we will turn to a more serious topic – the last in our series about the corona virus.  

What if you are clinically depressed and anxious? Routine tips such as the ones in this blog might not be of much value to you. We’ll discuss it next time!