It is ok not to be ok - Part 1

It is ok not to be ok - Part 1

It is ok not to be ok – Part 1


One day in Heaven

One day, in Heaven, we'll all be happy all of the time. One good day will flow seamlessly into another. It is because we've left our earthly bodies behind and enter into God's realm. It is another dimension where other marvelous rules will apply.

But, unfortunately, while we are here on earth, we are still in a broken world.   

Society might say that you should always be happy, but it is just not possible. All of us have good- and bad days. It is not human to never feel a bit sad. The ups and downs are all part of life.

Our message today is: It is ok not to be ok all of the time!


More challenging for some

You can't even explain it yourself.

For some people with depression, miserable feelings can have no apparent reason.  You get up in the morning and just feel sad. You can't explain it, and therefore, you put on a mask.

You say it is going well if someone asks, but you know in your heart it is not.  

More often than not, you don't share what you feel, because you don't want to be a bother. Anyway, how do you explain the feeling of emptiness and sadness?  People won't understand.



The second most common cause of death

According to the ACHA (the American College Health Association), suicide is currently the second most common cause of death among students.  (The first are deaths from accidents.)

Why is this?   

If you look at the facts, it is not surprising.   

These students are often away from home for the first time in their lives.  They have to cope with new challenges in an unfamiliar environment where they still have to make new friends. They don’t sleep and eat well.   

Throw a bit of depression or mental health issues into the mix, and the grim statistics start to make sense.


Don't ignore these feelings.

At Largest Heart we believe that this message should be spread far and wide:  It is ok not to feel ok.  To ignore your problems won’t make them go away.   

Talk to someone about how you are feeling.  Suicide is never an answer.   


What can you do?   

Go out

It often helps to be social and get out among other people. Start chatting to someone:  a friend, a teacher, or just someone in a store!  If you feel comfortable enough, let others know what is going on.  They would want to help.

Coping strategies

Some people feel better when they exercise, do yoga, write in a journal, or do something crafty. Try and discover something you like doing that takes your mind off your problems. It can help a lot.

Acknowledge your feelings

Let yourself feel what you feel. It may help you to work through your feelings if you genuinely know what they are.



Everyone in the same boat

Everyone around you has problems. It may be big or small.   

You don’t add to someone else’s problems if you share what you feel. The people around you want to help.  You are not a burden to them, ever.   

You'll feel relieved and lighter if you share when you think with others around you.

You are on earth for a reason! For many, many people, the world will not be the same without you. Please don't consider suicide.

Contact us

We here at Largest Heart want to help. Contact us if you are feeling despondent – we can help with resources and immediate counseling.  Suicide is never the answer.




Largest Heart 26 July

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