Make Mistakes

Make Mistakes

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're Doing Something.

Neil Gaiman

The importance of mistakes

Mistakes are important. They allow us to learn, to evolve and to become better persons. Those who say they don’t make mistakes are lying. Mistakes are interwoven into our daily lives.

Neil Gaiman is a versatile author who writes in genres across the board. Listed as one of the top ten post-modern writers today, he writes poetry, stories, scripts, news, comics, songs and drama pieces.

Do you think all this came easy for Neil?

The fact that Neil is writing about making mistakes and even wishing it upon others, should tell you that he has had an abundant share of them.

The stars did not always align right for Neil – just as they don’t for you. Neil struggled, was frustrated many times and was even close to giving up – just like you are sometimes. But, in order to be able to write this piece above, we can conclude that Neil persevered and learned from his mistakes.

The addiction mistake

To fall into any kind of addiction is a serious mistake to make. Yes, it is a choice made. But, sometimes it is a lifestyle that snuck up to someone – at first only tapping him on the shoulder, but later embracing a whole life.

Not easy to get out

It is not easy to get out of an addictive habit. It is sure almost impossible to try and get out of it on your own.

That is why charity organizations and non-profits that make it their life’s work to help people with any kind of addiction are so important. They are often the ones that offer the first to step to healing and suggest alternatives. They provide the framework, the strategy, and the plan.

The good thing about mistakes

Another good thing about mistakes is that researchers found that they make you smarter. If you see your mistake as a wake-up call and make the effort to change your behavior, you do better than those who just accept it as a way of life.

Charity organizations – in the first line of defense against addiction – deserve our support. If they were to fall away, a large part of the fight against addiction will crumble. People need to see that one mistake need not define them. There are ways to get out of addiction.

The main cause for Largest Heart

It is one of Largest Heart’s main causes:

We want to aid non-profits and other organizations that help people with addictions. We believe that awareness is the first step in making a difference.

The second step is a bit of introspection, to see where you can help. Perhaps it is by giving a donation. Perhaps you can volunteer at a local addiction-related charity. The important thing is to do something.

The giving season

We are entering the Christmas- and giving season again (phew, where did the year go?)

Traditionally, it is the time of year when one starts reflecting about the passage of time and its fleetingness.

People often donate in this time of year – they want to be actively doing something before ‘time’ runs out. Please consider giving your donation this year to The Largest Heart. Our mission is the spreading of hope and love. Help us to extend that to charity organizations that help addiction.

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