Stick with it!

Stick with it!


We know now that New Year’s resolutions are often prone to fail if you don’t get your mindset right.   

So, how can you make your resolutions stick?  In this blog, we aim to give you a few ideas.  

  1. Let it be about you

The Universe has made each of us unique. Like snowflakes – no two are alike…..ever!  

It is mindboggling if you really think about it:  in this whole wide world with its millions of people, there is no one else exactly like you.   Each of us has our own struggles and our own ways of coping.

It is not rocket science to conclude that what might work for one person in keeping resolutions, might not work for another.  

In setting your goals, it is essential to do so for yourself and your unique circumstances.   If your friend could stop smoking just by throwing his cigarettes away, you are not a failure because you can't do it.  You're just unique, and you need to find a way to stop smoking that will work for you.

  1. Enjoy the process

Life is short

In a way, this point adds to the previous one. If you set unique goals to achieve your resolutions, you should also remove stress from your life and enjoy the ride!   

Why do things the same way as your friends if that is not who you are?  In the end, you'll only fall back into your old habits.

Say you want to start exercising more, but you hate going to the gym. Please don't do it!

Instead, participate in a sport you love. Exercise with a friend. Walk in the park for an hour.  Join a dance class. Do something that you like to achieve your goal.

  1. How to eat an elephant

A timeline

If you want to eat a proverbial elephant, you start with one bite. And then the next one.

One of the best ways to stick to your New Year's resolutions is to set out a timeline on paper.  Yes, it is a bit of a chore, but once it is done, you'll be able to see all the steps planned out to achieve your goal.

What do you need to do today to fulfill your resolution?  Next week? The week after?  Even if you do just one thing each week, you'll be better off in six weeks than someone who had no plan.

It is a good idea also to keep score of your progress.   It will motivate you.

A dream holiday.  

Say your goal is that you want to start saving for a dream holiday.   

Set out a timeline.  Consider these questions:

  • When will you go?  (It will be fun to choose the time of year, set a date for departure, and to start planning out your itinerary.)
  • How much money would you need?  
  • How much time to you need to save to get the amount together?  Is it shorter or longer than your planned departure?  


Revise your timeline and start saving!  Mark your progress each week. Don't give up if you don't reach your goal for the week or month.  Keep on going. Soon your dream will become a reality.

  1. Are you ready for the change?

Many New Year's resolutions fail because although you might be interested in changing, you are not necessarily ready.

You can only stick to your resolutions if you are genuinely motivated and dedicated to making those changes.

But, don't be too hard on yourself; growth isn't always linear.  Your unique growth path might include a few ups and downs before you are truly ready to make the changes you are interested in. Stick to your dreams and keep thinking about what you want to achieve. Pray about it. Things will fall in place.


Next time, we are going to examine the ’45 days to create a habit’ idea.

What is the rationale behind it, and is there any scientific proof that it works?   

Largest Heart wants to educate you to be the best you can be!   Let us know how it is going with your New Year’s resolutions?