The “Need to know-basis”

The “Need to know-basis”

The “Need to know-basis”


If you are anything like me, you like your life organized. You want to know what is going to happen later today, tomorrow and next week. It makes us feel safe and secure to know what the future holds.  

Living with an addict certainly throws a curveball at you. Suddenly, nothing is sure anymore. Sometimes you don’t even know where your loved one is – much less what he or she is doing next week.   

But, did you know? God operates on a need-to-know basis.


"Go to the land I will show you."

One of the earliest examples of this, we find in the Bible in the story of Abraham. The Lord told him to leave everything familiar and go to a new land. He did not say precisely where or how long Abraham will be gone. He didn’t tell him what is going to happen.   

No, He only told Abraham that He would bless him and go with him. He will show him where to go.  

We trust plans

Plans can fail

We must not put our faith in a plan. God was concerned to who Abraham was, and in Whom he trusted. Geography is not a great concern to God. Godliness is much more critical.  

God is asking that from you, too. Trust Him and live – just for today. He will show the way.

A Back-up plan

But, we like the idea of a back-up plan!

We've got so many plans for ourselves and our loved ones. We wish for excellent jobs, great relationships and we pray fiercely to God to solve our loved one’s problems.   

We want to shield ourselves and others from rejection, and we give so much of our energy and time (especially when living with addiction) trying to change things, hoping that it will result in positive outcomes.

But, what happens when God stays quiet and things do not unfold in the manner that we wished for?   

We devise back-up plans. We default to our own resources, marshaled by our own will.

We just cannot wait on God!   

Even if the idea crosses our mind, we quickly think that God might need our help.   

Then, when things do not turn out in the way that we envisioned, we blame God.  

Trust on God's timing.

We must realize, we are on a need-to-know basis. God’s timing is much better than ours.   We get tangled up in the details and try to unravel them, but we will always come up short in the end.    

It is much better to wait on God.   

To Him, the journey is much more important than the destination.   

Obstacles in our way are there for a reason and are an opportunity for God to show us what only He can do.  He planned them that way!  

Trust and rely on the power of God. All that you need to know, also in your struggle with addiction, is that you are on a need-to-know basis!  


Can you feel the burden lifting? You don’t need to do anything. God will do it.   

You don’t need to go get anything. God will provide.   

Help though Largest Heart

At Largest Heart we believe that we can make a difference, one day and one donation at a time. We don’t need to see too far into the future. Let’s do what we can, today.

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