Uplifting COVID-19 stories

Uplifting COVID-19 stories


If you are in any way active on social media, you are sure to find lots of uplifting stories amid this current pandemic.

Stories are what connect us and what makes us human.  

Isn't it wonderful that there will always be stories of people stepping up, of them overcoming dire circumstances and about the wonders that can still be found on this broken planet we live on?


Today we bring you stories.

We found a few uplifting stories of our own to cheer your day. Hopefully, you haven't seen all of them on Facebook or Instagram yet!

Everyone is wearing masks.

Masks can be scary, especially for small children. It can also be hard to recognize the person behind the mask.

This is why some medical personnel opts to put smiling 'before-COVID' photos on their chests. Patients feel more at ease and less worried if they can see the ‘real’ person behind the mask.

Dinner, dear?

Yes, we all are now more aware, thankful, and respectful of healthcare workers and other key forefront personnel.  

In London, a group of 350 volunteer workers is cooking homecooked meals for healthcare workers. They are not chefs! They just wanted to show how thankful they are.

The group has delivered more than 6 000 meals to hospitals across London so that medical personnel and healthcare workers can have healthy, homecooked meals during their shifts, as canteens and cafeterias are closed.

Read more about this fantastic group here: https://www.furloughedfoodieslondon.co.uk/

Jesus heals

In Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Jesus, the Redeemer, was recently illuminated as wearing a medical uniform. The icon is a symbol of Christianity all over the world.

It warms the heart that it is a tribute to medical workers, but also a symbol of the healing that only Jesus can bring.

Rest, dear Mother Earth

One upside to COVID-19 is the fact that there are fewer vehicles about, and manufacturing has all but stopped.

Nature is breathing again.

There is less air pollution. One researcher from Stanford calculated that the reduction in the release of CO2 in China saved the lives of almost 80,000 people during January and February. It is twenty times more than the people who died there from COVID-19 in those two months.

In Thailand, rare leatherback turtles are building nests at an alarming rate.  They love the quiet shores!

Over the last twenty years, there have never been as many nests.

In South Africa, in Simonstown, a colony of penguins walks the streets.  In the Knysna forest, a rare leopard with two cubs was spotted.

Animals and wildlife all over the world are making the most of quiet roads, parks, and beaches.

An outbreak of generosity

Nourhene Mahmoudi could not just sit around and watch death rates climb in Italy.  He wanted to support and make a difference. On 16th March 2020, he and other volunteers launched the ‘Outbreak of Generosity’ to ‘counter’ the contagious virus.

Social distancing puts many people in distress, leaving them alone, destitute and isolated.

The campaign mobilizes youth to proactively help in vulnerable communities. There are volunteers from 12 countries that support and inspire the vulnerable among a large number of people in Europe.   

They focus on people wary of going out, on those with severe health conditions and people who are far from home. Read more here:  http://outbreakofgenerosity.org/



We only uncovered a small part of the tip of the iceberg here. As this pandemic unfolds and ends, there will be lots more positive stories to tell. Thank God for stories!

Do you have a positive story to share? Contact us, and we will do a write-up if we’ve got enough contributions. Stay safe!