What does suicide prevention organizations do?

What does suicide prevention organizations do?


We don’t expect anyone near and dear to us to ever even consider suicide. Yet, suicide happens on a daily basis. In America, there are about 123 suicides reported per day.

As survivors, we feel numb, distressed and emotionally detached from others. We heal, but slowly. Some survivors might need professional help to cope with this traumatic grief.

If it is so hard for us, can one even begin to understand how hard it must have been for your loved one?

The fact is, we don’t understand. We need trained people and organizations to help us, but, more importantly, to help those still considering what they think their only option is.

What is a suicide prevention organization?

Suicide prevention organizations are organizations that you can turn to in times of crises. They provide a haven for survivors of suicide, but also for those who are considering it.

These organizations delve deeper.

  • They fund research to understand the whole psychology of suicide better.
  • They provide social platforms, text-based communication platforms and other sources of education for troubled souls.
  • They fight for medical health personnel to be trained better so that they can pick up early warning signs in patients.
  • They help people to deal with suicidal thoughts or those who have made a suicide attempt.
  • They help the friends and parents of at risk-people, and also survivors.
  • They provide helplines. For some, this is the easiest and most immediate way to cry out for help. A sympathetic voice on the other side at the right time can literally mean the difference between life and death.
  • Resources are provided for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, different nationalities and languages.
  • They target schools to get to children before the idea of suicide can occur to them.

No organization can provide all of this. But, there are a variety of suicide prevention organizations across America that make it their life’s work to provide at least some of these services.

There is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, The Trevor project, JED, and the Veterans Crises line, to name but a few.

What can I do?

Offer your help

All of these organizations need donations and some, the help of volunteers. Most of the organizations mentioned above pride themselves on their accountability and transparency for donors. They spend most of their revenue on programs and services and not on administrative costs.

Largest Heart

Decide to give a monthly donation to Largest Heart.

Suicide prevention and helping those affected by it is part of their main mission. Your contribution will go toward non-profits (such as these organizations mentioned in this post) so that they can continue to spread hope, love, and knowledge. You’ve got the opportunity to help – even from afar.


Largest Heart is a non-profit organization itself and the concept is based on the fact that all of us can help – albeit in a small way to make the world better.

Suicide will always be with us – but even if only one person can be saved due to the effort of a suicide prevention organization, it will be worth it.