“You only get what you give”–So give BIG this Holiday Season and have some fun too!!

“You only get what you give”–So give BIG this Holiday Season and have some fun too!!


Christmas is the giving season. For most people, it is the time of year to reflect, be thankful, and also to consider giving something back.   

It is no wonder that Everybody and his Uncle are thinking about fundraisings during December. We collected some fun fundraising ideas for this blog. Feel free to use it for your non-profit just as you see fit!  Remember, it is just ideas. Perhaps it can spark an even bigger plan in your mind.

Organize a family fundraising

But there is also the other side of the coin:  

Why not suggest organizing fundraising to an organization near to your heart?

It is an alternative way of entering the festive season: Give something back on a grander scale. It is, after all, what Christmas is all about.

Four fun fundraising ideas

The ugly Christmas Sweater party

Yes, don’t deny it. It is there, somewhere in your cupboard. It shouts ‘Christmas’ loud and clear, although it might be a bit ugly.    

This is an easy fundraising idea!  

Let the contestants pay to enter. The ugliest sweater is the winner! Share the photos on social media.  Your followers must donate to your cause to get to vote for the ugliest Christmas Sweater.

The best non-Christmas mug

It is a Christmas fundraising that is NOT about Christmas. This idea is an easy one to execute at work among your co-workers.   

Everyone must bring a printed mug to work. The idea is that the cup must be NOT ABOUT Christmas in the most obvious way. People pay to enter, and the best creative idea wins.

Have a cheap ‘prize.’ (Perhaps a real over the top Christmas mug?)

As an add-on, you can also sell coffee, tea, or fancy hot chocolate to drink from the NON-Christmas mugs. Be sure to tell people about your fundraising cause.  

A joke a-thon

Get some volunteers together in a public space. Two people sit across from each other, and they take turns in telling jokes. If any of the participants at the table laugh, they are out, and another person takes the loser’s place. You must donate to take part.

Use the player with the winning streak (of not laughing) to raise some more money for your cause. Onlookers can place ‘bets’ on how many rounds the person will remain stoic.

Decorate your boss

Everybody can buy outrageous Christmas decorations from you (at disgraceful prices, of course) for the privilege to 'decorate' a prominent person at your organization, school, or even in your family.

It is Christmassy, lots of fun, and is sure to raise a few bucks for your non-profit.


Of course, if you don't want to go through all the trouble to organize fundraising, you can just donate directly to your favorite cause.

We hope you would consider Largest Heart this Christmas season. We made a real difference in people's life's this year, and we hope to do so much more in 2020.

Happy fundraising!  

Resources for fundraising ideas: