Synthetic Opioids Crisis

"I am not particularly optimistic for the future," said Jonathan Caulkins, an addiction policy researcher at Carnegie Mellon University" - NPR 23

That is a terrifying statement. Worse are the statistics, with 157 Americans every day dying to synthetic opioids. That's 1099 deaths a week, and 4,710 a month. More than were lost during the September 11th terrorist attacks, EVERY MONTH!

Test Before You Try is an awareness and prevention campaign to prevent overdose and death from synthetic opioids

A major study from the medical journal the Lancet last year predicted synthetic opioids deaths will remain high, claiming another 1.22 million lives in the U.S. by the end of this decade.

Together we can fight back against the epidemic that has claimed 215,699* American lives in the last 24 months including 109,680 lives lost mostly to synthetic opioids in 2022. **(Fentanyl sparks drug overdose record : NPR)

*Drug Overdose Death Rates | National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) (

Resources (articles) to talk to your children about fentanyl

Here are articles to help you learn more about the danger of synthetic opioids and how to have a potentially live saving conversation with your child. 

How to Talk to Kids About Fentanyl - Motherly

What Is Fentanyl? A Parent’s Guide For Educating Their Kids | The Well by Northwell

How to Talk to Your Children About Fentanyl | Psychology Today

How to talk to your kids about fentanyl | Public Health (

Fentanyl (


Largest Heart Challenge

Largest Heart Challenge is all about raising awareness and preventing overdose deaths (synthetic opioids). Did you know over 109,000 people died of overdose in 2022?

Want to be a Hero and Help? There are 4 things you need to do.

1. Start the conversation

2. Learn more

3. Get a test kit for you or someone else

4. Share 

Let the world know you're a Largest Heart and you're joining us to help save 1.22 million lives this decade next from synthetic opioid poisoning.