Christmas ADDICTION?

Christmas ADDICTION?

Christmas ADDICTION?  


Did you know that there is a link between addiction and Christmas?  Ironically, the tradition started as part of adult indulgence.

  • Jesus was not born on the 25thof December. The date was co-opted from pagan rites that had to do with the winter solstice. Originally, it was a day of raucous drinking where lower-class servants demanded booze from their masters or else they will destruct property.  ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’ were originally a threat, sung loudly and repeatedly.   
  • Christmas trees were invented as a tradition as part of a social movement to reform people away from their drinking habits over this time of year.

 Over-indulgence is an age-old problem.   

The impact of addiction

It has been estimated that almost two-thirds of American families felt the impact of an addiction at some time in their lives.   If one can understand addiction better, the damage that it can do can be lessened.   

  • Addiction is not a personal or moral failing

It is a disease.   A person in the grips of an active addiction has no control over what they do.   These people are victims of their disease.  The addict’s brain undergoes a physical and chemical change and that is why it is so hard to overcome addiction.  Only time will heal and restore the balance in the brain.   

  • It is a lonely disease

Addicts have to deceive those around them about their usage and the frequency thereof.   Usually, they also deny (even to themselves) that they have a problem.  Many addicts find themselves separate from others.   They feel alone and unworthy.

  • Addiction cannot be cured

There is no such thing as a recovered addict.   Someone with a substance abuse problem cannot ever go back to social drinking or recreational drug use.    The disease must be managed.   

  • Not the hobo on the corner

Many addicts appear as normal and productive everyday-people.   Addiction knows no boundaries.   It is estimated that more than 20% of adults in the US are addicted to something.   High-functioning addicts are therefore becoming the rule, rather than the exception.

The merry time

Christmas time is a time for family and being together, for making traditions and for bonding.  But, for many, the impact of addiction is felt in their homes and on their hearts during this time of year.  

Recovery is possible

It is possible to recover from addiction.   People in recovery learn that they should avoid places and people that were a regular part of their lives before.  They should change their behavior and mindsets.  It is not easy to do, but it can be done.

Most addicts would need an individualized treatment plan that might include individual therapy, groups, resources to learn about their addiction and/or medical assistance.

Throughout America, there are various non-profit organizations that help thousands of addicts each year to change their lives around.

Our focus

These non-profits are the focus of Largest Heart.   We help by getting your donations and by giving it to non-profit organizations that do such a great work of providing support to addicts, but also to bewildered families.

Are you still wondering where to donate your money this year?   Support Largest Heart.   We believe we can make a difference in the war against addiction. Love, Hope, and Information – that’s our motto.   

Do the right thing this Christmas.   Donate today!