What is the greatest need of love and hope?

What is the greatest need of love and hope?

Where is love and hope needed? Everyone will likely have a different answer. While some may feel that love and hope are needed in poorer countries where people literally have nothing and children are begging on the streets others may advocate that we need to love and give hope to the hopeless, the depressed and those who cannot speak for themselves.

Some will say no, charity begins at home. You have to spend time with your children; love them and give them hope for the future so that they too can make a difference in the lives of the next generation.

One can debate the question and everyone asked will have a different opinion.

The answer lies not in the question, but in what you do.

If it remains debatable and each of us continues to live our lives but never actually does something whether it be small or big, we are a nation without hope and love.

There is so much you can do.

The questions comes to: “What can I do? What difference can one person make?”

Many people ask these questions sometimes because in reality they would rather not do anything. It is much easier not to do, to not to give up your comfortable life or the time you can spend as you wish. Why complicate things? In the end it all boomerangs.

The fact is that often you would be getting much more of the love and hope you want to give away while you are actively trying to spread it. It comes back to you in an awe-inspiring force. You will never know unless you try.

You can give back and bless others and do something you like to do.

If you haven’t done so before and don’t know where to start, Start in your community. Every community has something: A soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a retirement Home, a local school or library where you can volunteer and help a child with homework. Visit a hospital and go read to someone. Do those things which will give you pleasure.

God made us all different. He does not want you to have a bleak existence, doing things you hate. He gave you your special talents to help and uplift others. He wants you to recognize them and apply them.


The Street Barber

A recent 60-second documentary on YouTube showcased the story of a barber who finds pleasure in finding homeless people to give haircuts. He looked for them on the street and cut their hair with his makeshift tools of the trade – just there where they are. He not only gives them a haircut but gives them dignity and a coupled with a feeling of self- worth, even if it’s only for that half an hour he spends with them.



That’s you.

Do that one thing that you do well – but do it for others. Cook. Dance. Write. Start your own charity. Be friendly and smile- It all can make a difference.


Support Largest Heart

If you can think of nothing else to do, you can support Largest Heart. Have you voted yet for the cause that you want to be helped in 2019?

Vote and give your donation. It is a small thing to do but is something. It is somewhere to start.