2020 – The Decade of HOPE

Welcome to a new decade. The last chapter has closed and it’s time to begin this new and exciting chapter, one in which miracles happen daily. It’s incredible the power that HOPE brings. It can fuel even the BIGGEST of DREAMS. It can make mountains scalable. It can turn valleys into walking trails. It’s hope that lifts those living in darkness into the light.  Welcome to beginning of Largest Heart’s decade of HOPE!

As the 20teens have ended, we reflect with grateful humility and love at all those who have come before, leading and inspiring and those who are no longer with us.  To all those angels we’ve lost to addiction and suicide, YOU will never be forgotten and at Largest Heart it’s our hope that your lives and struggles will empower us on your behalf to be the positive change in this world.

To make this positive change in the world means charting a different course from where we’ve been.  Tupac Shakur said it best: “The old way wasn’t working.”

In this new decade, let’s not be stuck in our old ways. Let’s leave outdated modalities and outdated mindsets behind. Rather than sharing information for profits, let’s share information for best practice—so together we can grow, learn, and heal as a community. Let’s improve policies, prevention, and payment methods to create truly affordable—and accessible—mental health and treatment options.

Knowledge is Power!

We know more now than ever. And what we know is that addiction is a disease. It is not some personal failing but a disease just like cancer or any another illness.  Mental illness is a chemical imbalance that, with treatment, can become a trait just like blue eyes and brown hair.  Through meditation, diet, exercise, prayer, group recovery, counselling, and maybe medication (talk to your doctor before taking anything and do your own research on the possible side effects), there are many ways we can lift our spirits and minds and move towards recovery.  I’ve been there and know the power that hope, help, and recovery bring.   

Indeed 2020 is officially the decade of HOPE here at Largest Heart and we’re going to show the world just how bright our light is, just like the song goes.

To let it shine, we’re going straight out of the Bill & Melinda Gates playbook.  We’re donating 100% to let this light shine bright!  Or as Shaquille O’Neal would say, “Go BIG or GO HOME!!”  We’re losing this battle right now and if we don’t go BIG, it’s going to be too late. We’re losing 328 lives every day to overdose and suicide. This is a NATIONAL EPIDEMIC.

Donor Spotlight

To get us started we are beginning this year with a generous year-end donation from Impact Marketing + Communications (www.impactmarketing.com).  Impact believes in the good work we’re doing here at Largest Heart and wanted to make a donation. When they learned how we were making good use of their donation, however, they asked to contribute even more! That speaks volumes about the power of personal stories, the valuable work we do at the Largest Heart, and necessity of these services. Thanks to the team at Impact Marketing + Communications, a young woman whose live was directly impacted by suicide will receive a full year of counseling sessions (paid by Impact) in order to better aide her with the tools she needs to live the best life that she can. This is how we pay it forward together. This is how we bring hope into the world. When good people and good organizations do good things together, we all win.

Let Your Hope Shine

Let today, right now, be the moment you choose lightness over darkness.  You choose what IS possible instead of, that’s not possible. I’ve seen miracles—they’re everywhere. In fact, you’re an amazing miracle reading this right now!  For YOU to be reading this is a miracle. When you open your mind to the possibilities, and the why nots, amazing things begin to happen. This hope or feeling deep inside begins to grow, each day gaining in strength.  

The world needs YOU!!  It needs you to share this feeling, this hope, with at least one other person. You can’t keep it – it’s the only rule.  We need all of you to shine your light and share your love, your hope, and knowledge with each other.  Today, together we begin the decade of HOPE.  Thank you for being a Largest Heart and letting your HOPE shine!!!