Largest Heart April 2

Largest Heart April 2


Life in the aftermath of addiction can be hard. Not only have you had to overcome the addiction itself, but you have to pick up the pieces and look life squarely in the eyes again.

Life as you knew it, changed. Your crutch is gone. Your friends might be gone.  Your family is optimistic but wary. Too many battles have changed them, also.

You must literally come ‘back to life’ when starting on the recovery road.

It’s Easter

On the Christian calendar, Easter is the most crucial time of the year. Jesus came to earth at Christmas, but during Easter time, the full implication of why He came became clear.   

Every year, we celebrate it again. Jesus came, but not only that. He came back to life. He rose from the ashes, back from the dead, so that we can live forever.

‘I should have died.'

There is so much comfort in this. Surely, something within you can resonate with this.  

You must have felt dead inside while amid addiction. Perhaps you think you should have died. The things you’ve done! The situations you were in! You cringe when you think about it.   

Jesus has risen, so that you also can rise again. You can rise above all the hurt, the dangerous situations and the terrible things that you've done and that has been done to you.    

He is the great Comforter, the great Healer.

Recovery provides a path for you to return Home.

Like the prodigal son, you can turn your back on the pigs and return home to the Father. Nobody is saying it would be easy. In fact, it might be very, very hard.   

But, see the Father in your mind’s eye: He is not condemning you. He is waiting, with His arms outstretched to grab you, to hug you. He can’t wait to welcome you home.   


Jesus was a man of joy. He laughed and loved. He spoke softly and without condemning anyone.  A relationship with Him might just be the thing you were looking for your whole life. At last, the emptiness in you can be filled – not with drugs or alcohol, but with His joy and His love.   

The only way to recover

Here, at Largest Heart, we believe that this is the only way to stay on the road to recovery:

To truly understand what Jesus had done for you and why you are worthy to be saved and to be loved.   

Ask Him, He will tell you.  

The gospel is actually just one straightforward message: Jesus died. He rose and defeated everything that stands in your path today to succeed. He already won.   

Won’t you choose to stand by His side? He will help you. Only He can save you. We pray that this message takes root in your heart today. Seek Him this Easter. He is the only one that can help.

Next time

Soon, we will share with you the story of Thomas and what Jesus had done for him.

Thomas is an addict who found Jesus and today he is living fully for Him. We hope that his story will inspire you. It is coming soon!

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