Your mental well-being while working from home during Covid-19

Your mental well-being while working from home during Covid-19


Just a few months ago, the world was ordinary.

Do you remember Thanksgiving weekend? How you planned for Black Friday?

If you think back now, it is almost surreal that you could have shopped and moved around – let alone stand in line (and be willing to get crushed) for that long-awaited bargain!

No, now many of us are isolated and working from home. Our daily routines are different, and we are stressed and full of anxiety in a myriad of ways.

How can I look after my well-being while being cooped up and working from home?

It is now, more than ever, essential to take care of your mental health and well-being. This blog aims to give you a few practical tips on how you can do it.

A regular schedule might help.

If everyone in the household knows what is happening when, it can reduce stress and anxiety. Set some boundaries on yourself so that you work reasonable hours. Schedule time for exercise and self-care, too.

Talk to friends and family regularly.

We have the technology, why not use it?

Some people find screens unfriendly and impersonal, but unfortunately, it is all that we have.

A good heart-to-heart with a sibling or friend can re-focus you and help you to stay positive. Don’t let your only contact be with co-workers.

Get creative to stay connected to co-workers.

Jump up and down together, share photos of your pets enjoying lockdown, or your first cup of coffee for the day. Watch a movie together while texting.

Remember, when all of this is over, one will forget what the workload was, but it is the connections that you’ve made that will last.

Show empathy.

Likely, others like you will also feel overwhelmed and anxious due to Covid-19 circumstances. Remember, people differ – something small for you can be something big for someone else.

Be willing to talk to your co-workers about their fears and other issues that they may have.

Get enough sleep!

It is easy to stay up late and sleep late, especially if your boss is not looking over your shoulder every day. Getting enough sleep is part of keeping your immune system and your mind well.

Get some fresh air.

A brisk walk clears one's head as only a few things can! Be sure to maintain your distance from others.

If you have an existing mental health condition, stick with your treatment plan.

Many health care providers provide virtual visits during this time, if needed.


The world might be quite different after all of this is finished. The new ways that we found to work and interact might just take hold.

Or, things may return rapidly to normal, and you’ll be part of the crowds again on Thanksgiving weekend 2020. (Better be prepared! Read more about what to do if you do get crushed here.)

At least you’ll know how better to take care of your health and mental well-being overall.

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